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Schnorg Baby

Schnorg Baby Schnorglesaurus - Peaches

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Meet Peaches. The Cutest, Sleepiest, Softest Dinosaur on the Planet!

The Schnorglesaurus is an innovative, dreamy Sleep Aid for babies and toddlers. Instantly calms, helping them fall asleep in minutes with our specially curated Lullaby and Magical Pink Noise. The secret to our Schnorg is that we use pink noise instead of harsh white noise.

Pink noise is so much softer on babies' sensitive ears and its sound waves promote a deeper sleep. Absolutely amazing to get your little human off to sleep easily and quickly.

The pink noise we use is all natural and cleverly combines swooshing womb sounds with rhythmic echo of mummas slow paced steady heartbeat, just as a baby hears all through gestation, making them feel safe sound.

Your little one will not want to be without this adorable sleep aid at nap and bedtimes, it’s a lifesaver and super cute too! The Schnorglesaurus will quickly become your babies best friend in sleep. Several studies have also shown that sleeping with pink noise can improve short and long-term memory retention, so pink noise sounds could be helpful for the brain development of your baby too!

If you fancy a change from the pink noise, just try our entrancing lullaby setting, but be careful mummas, it will have you asleep in minutes too!


  • Schnorg actually sounds like a little dinosaur snoozing softly, so chilled!
  • The deep sleep that pink noise helps to induce, gives babies the best quality sleep, which in turn makes happy healthy babies and super happy mummies!
  • Once your little one has become familiar to falling sleeping with Schnorg, self-settling becomes a so much easier for baby.
  • Schnorg has two volume settings for your preference.
  • Two duration settings: 30 minutes and one hour.
  • Schnorg will automatically switch off when duration has played out. Easy to restart if needed with a click of the ear and as baby turns into toddler, they will be able to press the ear to restart their best friend in sleep whenever they need.
  • Machine washable, safety zip, safe sleep cot anchor and dummy holder

Dimensions: Schnorgs comforter is approx 40cm x 40cm. Schnorgs head is approx 15cm x 9cm

Tested & Certified to meet Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2002 (toys for children up to and including 36 months of age)