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Baby Nest
A comfy spot for baby to rest. A baby nest allows parents to be hands-free and baby to be safe, rest and play comfortably. Baby nests have raised, padded edges that keep babies safely and protected on their backs with their cocoon-like features. Designed for supervised use, nests facilitate bonding with their ultra-portability they are perfect to bring to the grandparents or picnics for a safe, familiar and comfortable place for baby to rest. Ideal when having a shower or doing chores, baby can chill safely supervised in their nest. Pop a play arch over your baby nest for an instant play space. Use your baby nests for supervised tummy time. At The Stork Nest we stock a wide range of baby nests Australia from the cult favourite Cocoonababy to the ultra breathable Purflo Purair. Baby nests are great for providing a safe and snug environment that your newborn baby can feel comfortable in. Designed with ease of use in mind, the nest can be placed inside your own bed to give you peace of mind during night-time feeds or when you need a rest. Can also be used for daytime naps on the couch! Our baby nest is the perfect place for a nap. Incredibly versatile, your nest can be used anywhere around the house - for daytime napping, in a cot, bassinet or moses basket, at night-time, place next to your bed to create a space that's safe and reassuring before transitioning into their cot when you're ready. Portable, versatile, and comfortable, the Baby Nest is a multi purpose infant sleep that can be used starting at birth in many ways. It acts as a small cocoon/bed, bassinet, and travel crib. The baby nest provides comfort for babies when sleeping both at home and during trips outside because it makes the baby feel safe and secure in the familiar surroundings of their own bed