Travelling with your Ergobaby Carrier by Teegan Tagg

Travelling with your Ergobaby Carrier by Teegan Tagg

While travelling Australia full-time in a caravan, our Ergo has been one of the most-used and essential items we’ve brought with us. We love nothing more than a walk along the beach, a hike through lush rainforest or making our way to stunning waterfalls for a swim. With two kids three and under, our Ergo still allows us to venture to remote places, regardless of the terrain – something that would normally restrict us with the pram.

We are also huge fans of baby wearing. Our youngest can be instantly soothed when put in the Ergo and at one year old, will still sleep for hours in it while strapped to Mum or Dad. You also can’t beat being able to continue with daily tasks handsfree when the little ones are unsettled.

Our top tips for travelling with Little Ones:

  • Slow down, be flexible and go with the flow. When you’re on holidays it’s easy to want to plan everything and pack in as much as possible. But you’ll often find that by slowing down, putting your phone away and really focusing on being present in the moment, you’ll create just as many, if not more, priceless memories with your little ones. They really do thrive off having your full, undivided attention. It won’t matter to them whether your visiting theme parks or reading a few books together in bed, having your full attention is what matters most to them. Be flexible with what goes on – if your plans aren’t going to plan, don’t worry about it! Stressing isn’t going to make the situation any better, so learn to go with the flow. In our travels, we have had countless times where things haven’t gone to plan, but it all works out in the end, often better than what we had imagined! It’s all part of the adventure!
  • Be prepared with wholesome food. If you’re going out for the day, spend some time that morning or the night before preparing meals and snacks to take with you. Not only will it save you money by having your own instead of eating out, but it’s ready to go whenever those little tummies decide they’re hungry! Get as many fruits and veggies into the food as you can and really try to limit sugary foods – we’ve seen first hand how much of a negative impact sugar has on our kid’s behaviour, plus the last thing you want whilst travelling in a car is a sugar rush!
  • Get yourself an Ergo! We can honestly say that we genuinely love ours and if there was one item we’d recommend taking when travelling with young kids this would be it! From walking and hiking, naps on the go, settling, setting up camp, getting through airport terminals, grocery shopping, being handsfree to cook dinner, clean or play with the older child, comforting or just a big snuggle, the Ergo is perfect. It’s also extremely comfortable to wear, easy to adjust and gives such a variety of carrying positions – you just can’t go wrong!

You can follow the beautiful Teegan and her family on their adventures around Australia via their instagram: @thetaggtribe or through their website and blog ❤️

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