The Toddler List

The Toddler List

Discover a comprehensive range of toddler gear to support your child's growth, from the important milestone of potty training to the exciting start of daycare and every transition from 12 months and beyond!

Download our Toddler checklist here:

Walker - An exciting milestone in your child’s life is when they begin taking those first steps. Their little legs are still wobbly and they might fall down a few times but with the right baby walker you can help them take their first steps safely.

Ride-on - If you've ever watched a toddler try to ride a bike, you know it is not easy. Balance bikes, trikes and scooters let kids build up their balance skills before they get on a big kid bike. It's important for kids to learn how to balance while they're young because that skill makes riding a bike easier when they get older.

Potty - It is important to consider a variety of potty training products that will not only best fit your child but also your home. The good news is there are a variety of options like potties, potty seats or potty rings that fit right onto your toilet seat.

Snack Cup - Kids love to snack! Remove the mess from snack time with our range of kid approved snack cups. Perfect for toting munchies, snack cups encourage independent snacking without the mess. 

Backpack - Choose from quirky characters and colour-drenched prints, we've got all the best backpacks for toddlers! Designed with your kid's favourite zoo animals, our durable and functional packs are perfect for little ones.

Bath Toys - Developmental toys are designed to engage and delight your toddlers senses and encourage learning through cause and effect play.

Pretend Play Toys - Pretend play toys have a lot of benefits, especially for kids. Kids learn many different things through pretend play like how to develop social skills and how to be creative with their imagination.

Bedding - Take the hassle out of bed wetting! Tired of 2am bedding changes and endless laundry? Take the stress and sleepless nights out of bed wetting, potty training, and incontinence with wings to stay put and the ability to absorb up to 2L of liquid.

Toddler Seating - Explore our range of toddler seating options that prioritise both comfort and safety for your little one. Our carefully designed toddler seating solutions offer the perfect blend of support and style, ensuring a cozy and secure space for your child.

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