The Recovery List

The Recovery List

Postpartum essentials are crucial to support your body's recovery after the rigors of childbirth. We understand that this period requires special care and attention. Our carefully curated collection of postpartum essentials is designed to help you heal, rest, and rejuvenate. From comfortable postpartum recovery garments and soothing skincare products to breastfeeding aids and pelvic floor exercises, we've got you covered. Our postpartum essentials are thoughtfully selected to ease discomfort and promote healing, allowing you to focus on bonding with your newborn. 

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Ice and heat packsRecover and ease pain & discomfort naturally through simple cold therapy. Reusable cold packs and reusable heat packs that are simple, mess free, effective and affordable. We care about your recovery both physically and mentally and we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Breast Pads - Nursing pads are an indispensable accessory for breastfeeding mothers, offering both comfort and protection. We recognise the significance of keeping breastfeeding mothers dry and comfortable throughout their breastfeeding journey. Our nursing pads are expertly designed with soft, absorbent materials that provide a discreet and secure fit. They effectively capture excess milk to prevent leaks and maintain dryness, ensuring you can breastfeed with confidence, anytime and anywhere. We offer a variety of options, from disposable to reusable, to suit your preferences and needs. 

Nipple Care - Nipple cream is a lifeline for breastfeeding mums, offering soothing relief and protection during this beautiful yet sometimes challenging journey. Look for a nipple cream that is specially formulated with safe and nurturing ingredients to alleviate soreness, cracking, and discomfort, providing a natural barrier against dryness and irritation, ensuring that your breastfeeding experience is as comfortable as possible. Our nipple cream is gentle, hypoallergenic, and safe for both you and your baby. We know that a happy and pain-free breastfeeding journey is essential. 

Maternity Pads - Improve your postpartum recovery with a naturally soothing solution that relieves discomfort, banishes odour-causing bacteria, and balances your pH. Made with a 100% certified organic cotton cover and infused with an all-natural herbal blend, these ultra absorbent pads are soft, comfortable, and the perfect pre-made 'padsicle'. The 4-layer core and wingless design with leak-proof technology offers the highest level of protection without the bulk.

Nursing Bra - When looking for bra’s suitable for breastfeeding - comfort is key.  Nursing and breastfeeding bra’s have a clip which allows you to nurse your baby easily. Best nursing and award winning hands-free pumping bra with a revolutionary design offers mums the convenience, ease and discretion to pump and go.

Perineal Wash Bottle - An easy to use, mess free, perineal wash bottle designed to relieve the sting of urine and gently cleanse sensitive areas. Make your postpartum recovery more comfortable with our ergonomic wash bottle that gently and effectively cleanses your vulva, perineum, or site of a c-section, without pressure. 

Perineal Cleanser - A soothing Witch Hazel foam that effectively absorbs into sensitive skin (not the pad) to assist in the healing process and relieve discomfort associated with childbirth. This gentle non-rinse formula is pH balancing and made without harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, or alcohol.

Postpartum Briefs - Soft, stretchy and supportive, our patented Postpartum Brief is uniquely designed to comfortably hold a hot & cold pack and bring soothing relief where needed. Slide the Warm & Cool Insert into the brief's front opening and place it over the site of a c-section, or slide it down the widened gusset, over the perineal area. 

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