The importance of TOG for your baby's sleep

The importance of TOG for your baby's sleep

Too hot? Too cold? If your baby is waking up unnecessarily in the night or early morning and struggling to resettle, the room temperature could be to blame. If your baby gets too hot or too cold in the night, this can cause them to wake up unnecessarily: little ones can’t regulate their own temperatures the way grown-ups can. So, it's important to ensure that the room temperature and humidity are just right, and that your baby is dressed in the right clothing and bedding to sleep soundly all night long. 

The TOG rating, short for Thermal Overall Grade, is a measurement of the warmth of blankets, sleeping bags and pj’s. The higher the TOG rating, the warmer the product. You can use TOG ratings to quickly find the best clothing and bedding for your baby based on the room temperature each night. 

The ideal TOG to use each night will vary depending on the temperature of the room. A lower TOG rating, around 0.5, is used on hot nights, while a higher TOG rating, around 2.5, is best on cold nights. The best temperature for sleep is 18 to 22°C: at this temperature it’s best to use a 1-1.5 TOG (depending on if the temperature is over or under 21C – but don’t worry, the Glow Sleep Perfect will tell you that!) 

When you’re getting your baby ready for bed, you don’t want to have to search for a TOG comparison chart to check the best PJs and blankets to use.  

The Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor makes it easy to quickly check the room temperature and humidity levels, and to see which TOG to dress your baby in tonight. One glance at the Parent Screen will tell you if the room is too hot, too cold, or just right – the colour of the screen tells you all you need to know. If the screen is green, you have the ideal temperature for sleep. The screen will turn blue when the room is too chilly and will turn red when the room is too warm. 

Better yet, the Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor will clearly tell you straight away which TOG to use for bedding and pyjamas based on the room temperature tonight for a safe and comfortable sleep. 


If the temperature changes during the night (it’s often a lot cooler around dawn than it is at bedtime), you can easily tell if this may be disturbing your baby’s sleep. Check the portable Parent Screen anytime to see if the conditions in your little one’s room have changed, and you’ll know straight away how to adjust the room conditions to make your baby comfortable. 

The Parent Screen also tells you at a glance if your own room conditions are ideal for sleep – you deserve a great night’s sleep too! 

The Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor will also let you know if the air in your baby’s room is too dry to support deep, relaxing breathing – so you’ll know if you need to run the humidifier on your Glow Dreaming. 

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