The Daycare List

The Daycare List

Discover the ultimate what to pack for daycare list to ensure your child is well-prepared and comfortable during their time at daycare. Begin with essentials like a backpack or daycare bag, filled with extra clothing, including socks, shirts, and pants, in case of spills or accidents. Don't forget to label everything!

Download our Daycare list here:

BackpackChoose from quirky characters and colour-drenched prints, we've got all the best backpacks for kids! Designed with your kid's favourite zoo animals, our durable and functional packs are perfect for little ones.

Water Bottle - Keep hydrated while out and about! From sippy cups to straw cups, our collection of kids drinking cups is designed for easy drinking on the go. Our straw water bottles for kids make hydration fun!

Lunch BoxHuge range of reusable, toxin-free bento lunch boxes are the perfect way to pack a healthy, zero-waste, all nude food lunch. Perfect for kids that don't like their food to 'touch' and compartments so you can provide plenty of options for the ultimate goal - an empty lunch box at the end of the day!

Lunch Cooler BagNo more soggy sandwiches with our range of Insulated lunch bags! Get the most from your lunchtime with these stylish Lunchies cooler bags! Get packing and make this the best lunch ever. 

JacketLightweight and unisex designs that are both waterproof and wind protective, making it the perfect year-round essential for adventurous kids.

Sleep Bag - create a sense of familiarity for bedtime routines when transitioning to daycare naps and pack their fave sleepware.

Cot Sheet - pack a spare cot sheet and one that smells like home will be of particular comfort during nap time.

Baby Bottle - pack enough for the whole day and clearly label bottles and ensure staff are aware of your feeding schedule. 

Wet Bag - for keeping all the dirty nappies, bibs and clothes in one leakproof place. 


Change of outfit - no explanation needed, you will need to pack a change of clothes and a spare! 

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