Ruflux tips

Ruflux tips

The beginning of some journey's into motherhood is not exactly picture perfect in fact, it can shattering and exhausting especially if you have a reflux baby.

Gastro-oesophageal reflux is more than a baby throwing up after feeding. Some babies don’t throw-up at all though they have reflux and this is more commonly known as silent reflux.

Often vomiting is not the only sign it's the hours upon hours of inconsolable screaming, fussiness, arching and kicking in pain, catnapping, the high pitch cry every time you place them down on their back in the cot or carseat and many, many other symptoms which make an already overwhelming experience of new motherhood, even more stressful.

Often medication and a handful of helpful products you can begin to find your rhythm. Below is a list of products that are designed to help!

The Cocoonababy Nest with it's slightly elevated position can help alleviate the discomfort caused by reflux. When lying flat on their back, reflux babies can experience increased reflux symptoms as the stomach acid travels up the esophagus. The gentle incline of the Cocoonababy nest helps keep the baby's upper body elevated, reducing the likelihood of acid reflux episodes.The Cocoonababy nest offers excellent support to the baby's body, especially around the head, shoulders, and back. This support helps maintain a comfortable and natural posture for the baby while minimising pressure on their delicate digestive system. By providing optimal support, the nest can help reduce the discomfort associated with reflux. The snug and secure feeling provided by the nest can have a soothing effect on reflux babies. The Cocoonababy nest gently hugs the baby, providing a sense of security and reassurance. This cocoon-like environment can help calm the baby and promote better sleep, reducing the likelihood of reflux episodes caused by agitation or restlessness. The nest is not just for sleeping, it can also be used during daytime activities. Placing the nest on a safe and stable surface allows reflux babies to have supervised naps or moments of independent playtime by popping a play arch over the nest. The comfort and support offered by the nest can help keep the baby content and comfortable while engaging in various activities.

Breast pumps - some mums find expressing their breast milk and feeding baby with a bottle designed for breastfeeding bubs makes baby more comfortable than lying them down to feed. Bottle feeding breastmilk means your partner can also help in the task! 

Dummies - reflux babies do tend to suck a lot to create saliva which helps push down the acid and a cherry shaped teat is recommended as the best shape for baby's mouth. 

Ergobaby carrier - Often reflux babies don't like laying down such as in the pram this is when a baby carrier will became your best friend. Allowing you to get out for a walk, keep them close and upright which is the most comfortable position for a reflux baby. The Ergo carrier is comfortable, sturdy and supportive, and when bub has good head and neck control you can face them out so they can interact with the world around them

Shnuggle Bath - most baby baths you have to recline baby to wash them. Shnuggle Baby Bath is an upright bath seat with a clever baby bump that stops baby from slipping down making bathtime more enjoyable for you and baby!

Burp clothes! Invest in lots of bibs or plain terry towelling cloth nappies to use as spew rags. 

Self care: Time away is so hard for any mum but it's super important to take some time for yourself. It can be as simple as a long bath or a netflix binge and a glass of wine. 

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