Nourishy launches first freeze-dried breast milk service for Aussie families

Nourishy launches first freeze-dried breast milk service for Aussie families

Nourishy is an Australian female-founded startup that solves a common conundrum for breastfeeding mothers: how to extend the life of their nutrient-rich breast milk, and make their ‘liquid gold’ more accessible and transportable.


Founded by Cass Wingrove, a Brisbane-based mother of three, Nourishy is a user-friendly breastmilk freeze-drying service. The result is a transportable powder made from a mother’s very own milk, with a shelf life of three years, maintaining all of the milk’s essential life-building nutrients.

Nourishy is the official Australian partner of Milkify - the US-based breast milk freeze-drying service which has already helped over 4,000 families freeze-dry their breastmilk, and which attracted investment from Gwyneth Paltrow when it appeared on the US version of Shark Tank.

Within their custom-fitted facility located in Brisbane, QLD, the Nourishy process ensures that each woman’s breast milk never comes into contact with any equipment or other milk. Each lactation bag of milk is processed individually and remains frozen from the home freezer to the Nourishy receiving hub in Brisbane, all the way through to the final drying and packaging.

“As a breastfeeding mum myself, I know how hard it can be to store and transport pumped breast milk - especially when traveling or leaving your baby in someone else’s care,” says Nourishy founder Cass Wingrove.

“Nourishy’s system adheres to stringent hygiene standards, and uses robust tracking systems to maintain the integrity of each mother’s own milk. We’ve already had amazing feedback from families, midwives and breast milk donation clinics about the potential of this new service.”

Using smart, contactless technology, Nourishy provides specialised shipping boxes to participating mothers, and a tagging system is used to ensure each person’s milk is tracked during every stage of the process.

The result is an easy-to-use powder, which preserves the molecular structure of the milk.  Making it ideal for traveling, attending events and even returning to work and navigating the use of breastmilk at childcare facilities.

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