Expecting a baby during Covid-19?

Expecting a baby during Covid-19?

What a crazy time to navigate when you should be planning your baby shower with friends and family! With the current restrictions and social distancing rules have you considered a virtual baby shower? 

The upside to a virtual baby shower is your guest can enjoy that extra glass of bubbles as no driving is required and you don't have to cater the food or clean up the mess!

How to host a Virtual Baby Shower

  1. Choose your 'venue' host. A site that everyone can connect into for a live video chat, such as SkypeGoogle Hangoutsor Zoom

  2. Send out your invites with the details of which platform you are using with instructions on how to download and meeting invite passwords if required. This is also a great time to include a link to your baby registry!

  3. Games, games, games! A simple google search brings up an array of online games you can play with your guests. There are some super fun virtual baby shower games with templates here:
  1. Have fun! There is no reason you should have to miss out on celebrating such a wonderful occasion, we just have to think outside the box!

Our top 10 Baby Shower gifts


1. Cocoonababy Nest - sleep is PRICELESS for the new parents and the gift of sleep is a welcomed one! The Cocoonababy Nest is a must have for newborns, helping them adjust to life outside the womb. Using the Cocoonababy Nest in the cot, improves the quality and length of baby's sleep and contentment, minimises the risk of flat head syndrome, limits gastric reflux and colic and reduces the involuntary jerky movements which wake babies with a start and make them cry.


2. Shnuggle Bath - these award winning baths are the bomb! Super affordable and so clever with a 'bum' bump that stops baby from slipping under the water allowing you to place baby in the bath and have two hands free to wash and play with them. . Eco-friendly and can double up as an ice cooler for future parties!

3. Ubbi Nappy Bins - what new parents don’t expect is how often they will be changing nappies! These stylish cans of steel can hold 58 newborn nappies and guarantee no smells will escape thanks to its powder coated steel construction.


4. Activity Gyms and Playmats - these have come a long way in recent years with many looking right at home in the designer house. From the gender neutral tones of the Silver Lining to the graphic monochrome Vibrant Village these will be a gift baby and mum will love!

5. Sloth Soother - Sloths are so on trend now and this clever Sloth from Skip Hop will soothe baby with sweet songs, nature sounds or your recorded voice. This soft bedtime friend features an innovative cry-activated smart sensor that automatically responds to cries so baby and parents get a good night’s sleep. 

6. Swaddles - all babies love to be swaddled! The feeling of reassurance and comfort from being wrapped like a little burrito ensures extra sleep for all! These swaddles from Ergobaby are simple to use, have a pocket for easy night-time nappy changes and really sweet designs.

7. Baby Carrier - probably the most handy and most used baby item! To have your hands-free while doing chores, at the shops or even when outside getting some fresh air, the sleepy dust magic of babywearing is liberating for babies and parents alike! 

8. Nappy Bags - we have a HUGE range of nappy bags from Skip Hop. Current trend is the Nappy Backpacks and why not! They allow you to fit everything you need PLUS allow your hands to be free not to mention are better for your neck and back!

9. Personalised gifts - from personalised frames and belly stickers to chalkboards and milestone cards, a personalised baby shower gift will always be cherished. 

10. Bottle Warmer - This clever and compact Bottle Warmer by Beaba® heats bottles in less than 2 mins. This machine takes the best features of baby bottle sterilizers and warmers and combines them in one, ultra-quick system, making it the best milk warmer for babies it can even reheat jars of baby food!

For more virtual baby shower tips, follow us on socials and stay tuned for a very special Baby Shower competition coming up soon!

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