Can you predict your baby's gender?

Can you predict your baby's gender?

One of the most exciting things about pregnancy is how friends and family try to predict the gender of your baby the moment they find out you are pregnant. Some of these predictions are usually based on how high or low you are carrying, the visible changes on your skin, or the size of your belly. Or if you prefer Kim K's gender predicition to her sister Kylie "You’re prettier than you were last time. Like, the girls take the beauty to give it to themselves. The boys, like, know what’s up and they just let you be a little bit prettier.” 

Sometimes their predictions are right, other times they are wrong but you’d agree with us that those crazy predictions make great stories after your baby is born!

Have you ever heard of the baking soda gender reveal test? No? Well, there are mums who swear by it. There’s no formal research to support or refute the accuracy of the gender reveal test but there’s no harm in trying just for the fun of it and let us know in the comments below if yours was correct! 

How Does It Work?

You need a clean container, your first urine of the day, and baking soda. Determining if your baby is male or female is dependent on the fizz. It is important to use your first-morning urine because your urine may become diluted as you drink fluids during the day.

Step 1: Pour baking soda into the clean container

Step 2: Pour the urine on the baking soda

If it fizzes, you are supposedly carrying a boy. If there’s no fizz, you are supposedly carrying a girl.

Is It Accurate?

It’s accurate for some people and it’s not for others. 

The baking soda gender reveal test is a combination of acids and bases. Baking soda is the base, urine is the acid. Baking soda reacts to most acids hence the fizzing. Your urine could have high or low acidity.

You really can’t tell but the reaction of the baking soda is based on the level of your urine’s acidity. Your urine’s acidity could be affected by what you’ve had to eat or drink. 

The most reliable way of ‘predicting’ your baby’s gender is by going for an anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks or you could surprise yourself and wait to find out after your baby’s born. Either way, enjoy your pregnancy mama!

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