Breastfeeding tips for big boobs

Breastfeeding tips for big boobs

Breastfeeding Tips for mothers with a more generous and fuller sized breast

Breastfeeding can flow well for some and for others can be really challenging. If you have a fuller breast, read these tips from an expert Internationally Board Certitied Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) to help get you feeling more prepared for the journey ahead. 

Before your baby arrives, have a consultation with a IBCLC to support you with breastfeeding positions that will work best for your body. If the consultation is taking place in your home, the lactation consutlant can also help you get the right set up with your furniture. 

Helpful breastfeeding positions

  • Using a reclined breastfeeding position can help to elevate the nipple, allowing better visualising for the mother and easier access for the baby. 
  • The side-lying breastfeeding position is also a good option, as the breast the baby is feeding from will be supported by the surface the mother is lying on - a firm couch or bed. 

Another useful hack

Use a rolled up face cloth and place this under the breast, to help lift the breast. This will give the baby better access to the nipple, especially if the is nipple is naturally in a low position. 

After your baby is born, if you are struggling to get a consistent and comfortable latch, or you are experiencing nipple and or breast pain, call in the expert IBCLC sooner rather than later. 

Generally with a more fuller breast breastfeeding will become more easeful overtime. Not only are the mother and baby becoming more practiced, but also the baby’s growing body size and strength will help to make things feel easier. 

Joelleen Winduss Paye, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Midwife & Naturopath

JWP Holistic Lactation Consultant  @jwp.ibclc

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