Benefits Of Wearing Your Baby

Benefits Of Wearing Your Baby

One method to evaluate how your baby will travel is to examine their position: will they be sitting up or lying down? When you travel with your child in a stroller or a car seat with a handle, they are practically lying down. When you use a wrap, sling, or attached carrier, you may "wear" your baby in a sitting posture.

No infant insert is required to start wearing your newborn from week one to month 36, with an ergobaby carrier and not only does it allow all carrying positions, but you can quickly turn your baby from facing out to facing you (or vice versa) whenever you need to. There are several compelling reasons to use a carrier when seeing the world with your partner!

Healthy Hip Growth

Sitting up is beneficial not only to your child's capacity to perceive you and the environment, but it is also helpful to their growth. When you utilize an ergonomically constructed carrier, your baby's spine, pelvis, and hips are correctly supported.

They softly support your baby in a natural "C" curve, like they are in the womb. It also keeps their hips in the right "M" posture, spreading their weight. That is why the International Hip Dysplasia Institute has designed the Ergobaby newborn carrier as a healthy hip product. You won't find a stroller with such a reputation.

Less Anxiety For Your Child

 A held infant is close to your chest and may easily make eye contact with you. This allows them to sense your love and care for longer periods of the day, which may be quite comforting. Carried babies have been demonstrated to sleep for longer periods and to fall asleep faster. In addition, they cry 43% less overall and 54% less at night.

You Can Go Anywhere!

You can travel with your child in a carrier over any terrain. Spend the day touring the city or relaxing at home. Visit a grocery store or a tropical island. Climb a flight of stairs or a mountain! We will not tell any parent where they may and cannot take their child. Email us a photo from the mountaintop!

You Can Breastfeed On The Go.

It may take some practice for you and your child, but with the correct type of carrier, you can breastfeed without ever having to put your baby down.

You may breastfeed at any moment with an ergobaby carrier. Loosen the straps and place your baby against your breast. This is also machine washable because,, let's face it, there's always going to be a little muck when you eat and run. Maybe you shouldn't run when your child is breastfeeding? 

A More Certain You 

Mothers have safely carried their offspring for hundreds if not thousands of years. The reassurance of having your child cuddled closely against your chest is beneficial to both of you.

Many new mothers report feeling imprisoned around the house with a newborn. They allow you to wear your baby from the beginning, letting you go anywhere, at any time, with your hands-free and your baby safely resting on you. It's an incredible sensation.

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