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Beaba Silicone Sippy Cup - Pink

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Beaba Silicone Learning Cup with Spout Lid is a 2 handles cup that comes with a removable spout lid that is ideal for promoting the autonomy of toddlers during mealtime! The ergonomic handles are wide, which makes it easier for children to hold. Once your child is ready, you can remove the lid and your child can learn to drink from a glass! As it is made of soft and unbreakable silicone, don't have to worry about breakage

  • Ergonomic handles: wide handles make it easier for the child to hold.
  • Soft tip to promote early learning
  • Removable lid: once removed, the child can learn to drink like from a glass using the handles.
  • Cup volume: 170 ml
  • Soft and unbreakable silicone material
  • Dimensions: L. 12 x W. 8 x h.10.5 cm
  • Care: hand wash or dishwasher.