Top tips for supporting your milk supply after mastitis

Top tips for supporting your milk supply after mastitis

My top tips for supporting your milk supply after mastitis

Often after a case of mastitis the milk supply and volume can take a hit. Use these tips to recover in the best way possible, minimising the impact that a reduction in your milk supply can have on your breastfeeding journey. 

  • Unlimited and frequent breastfeeding will help to drive supply and demand
  • Aim for skin-to-skin daily, this will boost oxytocin levels which support breastmilk production
  • Make sure nutritional intake is optimal, focus on a protein-rich breakfast. Aiming to eat and extra 300-500 calories per day which will support optimal hormonal balance and milk production
  • Hydration - 3 Litres of water per day, I love electrolytes like LMNT and Hydramama for added impact, and they are great for people who find drinking water a bit bland.
  • Take a quality prenatal like @thenatalnaturopath or @wethemoode throughout your breastfeeding journey, and especially when you are stressed, depleted and recovering from illness.
  • Prioritise rest and let your body rebuild your milk supply - your body can take quite a hit during mastitis. It is normal that your supply may seem lower, and your body will rebound as soon as it can. 
  • Take a breastfeeding probiotic like @qiaraprobiotics , studies show it can help to reduce your chances of mastitis occurring again as it boosts healthy bacteria in your breast, breastmilk and gut. 

Joelleen Winduss Paye, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Midwife & Naturopath

JWP Holistic Lactation Consultant  @jwp.ibclc

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