Think Pink!

Think Pink!

Pink noise has been scientifically proven to be more beneficial than white noise when it comes to sleep

Pink noise refers to a type of sound that contains all frequencies within the audible range with equal energy per octave. It is often described as a deeper and more soothing sound compared to white noise. Pink noise is becoming the gold industry standard as a sleep aid for babies and adults alike.

Pink noise can help create a relaxing and calming atmosphere, promoting better sleep by masking background noises and promoting a sense of comfort. It has a gentle and rhythmic quality that can help soothe and lull babies into a peaceful sleep.

Along with Red Light Therapy, pink noise is being heralded as one of the best natural ways to promote a deeper sleep in both children and adults. More people are benefiting from the mix of pink noise’s high and low frequencies when it comes to bedtime.

What is pink noise?
Both white noise and pink noise are background noises of a particular frequency that help break up silence and allow your mind to relax. White noise is a consistent noise that emits evenly across all audible frequencies. It has been described as being similar to a band all playing at a slightly different note, which creates a masking effect that blocks sudden changes in noise that can disturb sleep.

The difference between pink and white noise is, pink noise, while also audible to humans, has power per hertz that decreases as the frequency increases (white noise has an equal power across all frequencies). Both white noise and pink noise are well-researched remedies for a good night’s sleep.
Why is pink noise better than white noise?
Although white noise has been proven to be beneficial for sleep, the science behind why pink noise is superior lies in its ability to emit louder and more powerfully at lower frequencies. Pink noise is often found in nature, such as waves lapping on the beach, leaves rustling in the trees, or a steady rainfall…sounds we find naturally soothing.
What are the benefits of pink noise when it comes to sleep?
Pink noise can help improve the whole family’s sleep!

  • Pink noise slows down your brain waves and helps regulate them to give you a longer, more consistent sleep.
  • Pink noise is proven to help improve memory. By initiating a deeper sleep cycle, studies found that subjects had a greater memory retention.
  • This concentration and brain activity extends into day time function: the cause-and-effect bonus of the restorative power of deep sleep.
  • Pink noise has been proven to be as beneficial for day time napping as it is for night sleep. Perfect if you’re a shift worker, or parent of a newborn trying to catch up on some sleep.
  • Speaking of babies, pink noise is the latest breakthrough in natural sleep aids. The natural sound we mentioned earlier mimics a heartbeat for babies. When you’ve spent nine months in a womb accompanied by the noise of your mother’s beating heart, pink noise acts as a soothing substitute.
  • Sleep disorder and challenges occur at every stage of life, from newborns through to childhood, adolescence, adulthood and senior years. By introducing pink noise into the background of your bedroom, you’re encouraging deep, consistent sleep cycles to restore balance and wellbeing to your life.

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