Monsters at bedtime?

Monsters at bedtime?

Is your child afraid of monsters at bedtime? Fear of monsters can be a real struggle for lots of children! Mix up a bottle of monster spray and blast those monsters away before bedtime!

It'ss important to acknowledge your child’s insecurity.  Those “monsters” may not be real, but their fears are.  Providing them with a tool to fight them can empower your child, and give them control over their fear.

If your child believes in monsters, then with support and encouragement from a parent or loved one, they can just as easily believe that they have the power to make them go away.

Brolly Sheets have created recipes and labels for Monster Spray, a Monster Swatter and Fairy Dust. All with their own magical special uses to help keep the monsters away. 

What you will need:

• Refillable Spray Bottle 

• Water

• Essential Oil (Lavender, peppermint or other)

• Printed bottle template 

At bedtime, let your child spray away those monsters by spraying under the bed, in the doorway, around the windows etc. Place the bottle on the bedside table so they can use in the night if they are scared. A night light is a great idea to create a soft glow and a sense of security.

Click here to download Brolly Sheets printables!

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