Gifting this Christmas with The Stork Nest

Gifting this Christmas with The Stork Nest

I'm super excited about The Stork Nest Gift Box service. With many brands to choose from I can see how this would be the perfect gift box to give someone this Christmas. 

In my gift box I received:

  1. L'il Fraser Collection baby swaddle
  2. Bravado Pumping and nursing bra
  3. Skip Hop Explore & More Roll-around owl toy
  4. Koolsun sunglasses 
  5. Bubble Beanie the bear

Let's get started about what I think of these products and the box overall!! 

The  L'il Fraser Collection baby swaddle is 100% Cotton Jersey so it feels super soft and I love that it is very large. The colour I have is in turquoise which is great as it's a colour both genders can use. My baby is on its way and I'm very keen on using this one in particular as I love swaddles that are large and have good stretch to them.

I'm a big fan of Bravado Pumping and nursing bras because they are just so comfortable. I honestly cannot wait to test the Pumping option as it's what I plan on doing but also using it as a feeding bra. Love that it gives off the sporty vibe and it's not revealing at all.

Skip Hop Explore & More Roll-around owl toy I believe is a great toy for any bub out there, 3months+ when they really are getting the grasp of using their hands this just sounds like the perfect toy to help with that. And what a great baby gift idea this would be!

Koolsun sunglasses are the perfect Christmas gift for toddlers this summer. Great range of colours and the price is really affordable while knowing your kids eyes are being protected properly from UV. I mean they look super adorable too.


And lastly, Bubble Beanie the bear is just adorable as a first toy for babies, it's super soft and I can see it being a comfort toy for many babies . It's definitely something to keep for a very long time. Super cute!!

The Stork Nest gift box is a fantastic idea this Christmas, whether it's a treat for your baby/toddler or someone else's. I see this box being a popular option for many gift givers this Christmas.


Stavey Westlow, @lifewithstavey


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